Yo Me Vacuno (I Get Vaccinated) is a CDC national campaign that increases flu vaccinations in the Hispanic community, as a result of the H1N1 epidemic. Key to this effort was the development of a Hispanic Risk Communication Model to better understand and address the barriers to receiving preventive measures such as vaccination. Essential to the effort was community engagement and strategic partnerships. We surpassed expectations with 10,683,675 media impressions during National Influenza Vaccination Week. Thousands of flu vaccine vouchers were disseminated through health fairs, community clinics and radio stations; and a survey conducted by CDC revealed the campaign was the most receptive brand generating an average of 500 fans per week.

Stemming from the Yo Me Vacuno campaign, HMA created the award-winning Un Amor Perdido (A Lost Love), a gripping reality-based fotonovela about the impact of influenza based on a true story. This product won the 2011 Gold MarCom Award and is housed on the CDC website:

Spanish-language Radionovela


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